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Litera » F » Wykonawca: Faith Evans » You Used To Love

I remember the way, you used to love me

I remember the days, you used to love me

You don't appreciate the time

I put into this love affair of ours baby

I couldn't let you walk around

Thinking it's alright to let me down

I gave you all my precious love

And anything you wanted from me

You didn't hear me calling out

Calling for your warm affection after all this time

You can't deny what I'm feeling is real

And I stood around, stood by your side

Went through all the hurt and pain

And you turned and walked away

Can't give up on the way you used to give it to me

Give it to me

What a feeling it's for real You didn't hear me calling out

And that's not what love's about

I remember you used to love me

You used to love me every day

Now your love has gone away

I remember I remember
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