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Litera » F » Wykonawca: Faith Evans » Where we stand

Is it too soon to love you?
Why do I believe it's perfect?
Could it be I'm scared to take the chance?
Thinkin' we are movin' fast
And I don't know where we stand
I don't know where we stand

Today you said some things to me
That made it plain for me to see
and now I do believe
that there's a chance for you and me
elated I would be
if it became reality
I'll put away my fear
'cause only fate has brought us here oooh

Is it too soon to love you?
(when I just met you the other day)
Why do I believe it's perfect?
(inspired by everything you say)
Could it be I'm scared to take the chance?
Thinking we are moving fast?
And I don't know where we stand
I don't know where we stand

It's just a few days but I'm opened wide
or maybe I should take my time
I'm thinkin' that we're movin' fast but I want you bad
my mind is tellin' me one thing (one thing)
but my body says another...I wanna be your lover
i wanna know


It's hard to figure out
(In the back of my mind there's so much doubt)
Why do I look for clues?
(If there's no reason to question you...its' only natural
I just gotta wait and see...will we ever prosper? Will we ever be?)
Tell me is it too soon to love you when I just met you the other day baby
Could it be that I'm scared to love you 'cause I don't know where we stand?
Chorus 'til fade

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