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Litera » F » Wykonawca: Fairport Convention » Claudy Banks

'Twas on one summer's evening all in the month of May
Down by a flowery garden I carelessly did stray
I overheard a young maid in sorrow to complain
All for her handsome sailor boy who ploughed the raging main

I boldly stepped up to her and put her in surprise
I'll vow she did not know me, I being all in disguise
Says, I'm a charming creature, my joy and heart's delight
How far have you to travel this dark and stormy night?

Away kind sir, to the Claudy Banks if you will please to show
Pity her poor girl distracted, oh, there I have to go
I am in search of a young man and Johnny is his name
Along the banks of Claudy, I'm told he does remain

'Tis six long moths on batter, since your true love left the shore
In passing the wide ocean where French's cannons roar
And crossing the wide ocean with honor and for gain
I'm told his ship was wrecked all on the coast of Spain

On hearing of this dreadful news, it put her in despair
With a wringing of her hands and a tearing of her hair
Oh, since he's gone and left me, no other man I'll take
Oh, on the banks of Claudy I'll wander for his sake

Oh, my heart was filled with joy that night, I could no longer stand
I fell into her arms, crying, "Betsy, I'm that man
I am your faithful young man, whom once you thought was slain
Now, since we've met on Claudy Banks, we'll never part again"
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