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Litera » F » Wykonawca: Fair To Midland » See, Saw

In chorus we stagger.
Closed eyes
Bring more light inside.
Small breeze
Helped us keep our strides.
The large gust
Won't keep you in tact.
And if i'm forewarned
I'll make the same mistake.

Fill in the blank.

And though the crane is gone i see my way,
I may hit one too far,
Been said it's all more likely to save.
And though the rain is gone,
I pushed it calm and still,
Until it's all just breaking away.

For him.
He might be late.
Light a match to the fire,
Sit warm by the fireplace,
Here he comes, it's the realtor,
Maybe he'll have something different to say.
"take it all"

No one sees what someone sees,
Built my house on sand,
No one knows what someone knows,
If rebuilt i'd protest.
No one hears what somone hears.

Thats the sound of my scar.

I'm tense but i breathe.
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