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Litera » F » Wykonawca: Faction » Boredom awaits

Life is dull for most of you
They ram it down your throat and make you chew
Answers to the questions that bring up fear
You could care less you're out of beer
Nothing to do, you're going crazy
You could go to work but you're too damn lazy
Sitting on your couch watching the show
It gets pretty boring, it's getting slow
Boredom awaits
You see it coming, remember its traits
Boredom awaits
Puts your mind in a frozen state
Your body's dead your mind goes blank
Your thoughts aren't set on any plan
Nothing seems real to those who lie
There's nothing to do it's just a start
You could do drugs, could rob a store
But sitting in jail's just a bigger bore
Be glad that you're too smart for that
Sit for too long though, you'll end up fat
Do it your way, don't follow them
You'll end up winning in the end
Security is fitting in with the crowd
Security is quiet, you be loud
Boredom awaits, it likes to lurk
Don't be its victim, don't be its jerk
You're unfamiliar with its lurid truth
Don't ever let it happen to you.

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