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Litera » A » Wykonawca: Aaliyah » Age Ain't Nothing But A Number

May 5, 1993
Aaliyah's Diary
Got it, hmmph"

Age aint nothing but a number
Throwing down aint nothing but a thang
This lovin I have for you
Itll never change

Here I am and there you are
Youre eyes are calling me to your heart
All you gotta do is knock and Ill let you in
Then we will feel the passion that flows within
I dont mean to be bold but I gotta let you know
I got a thing for you and I cant let go

Repeat (Chorus) (2x)

Take my hand and come with me
And let me show you true extasy
Boy be brave dont be afraid
Cause tonight were gonna go all the way
I dont mean to be bold but I gotta let you know
I got a thing for you and I cant let go

Repeat (Chorus) (2x)

"So what's up, Here I am, reach...
Baby Come here...
Age ain't nothin' ohhh..ooh
I don't mean to be bold, but I gotta let you know,
Liyah's got a thang for you and I can't let go...ooh my...

Repeat Chorus til end of song
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