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Litera » A » Wykonawca: A » Boyz 2 men

[Featuring Canibus, Mr. Cheeks]
Hey yo well back in my south side jamaican part of town
Where us real niggas love to get down
Where you only hear g and p finesse the track up on the tape
We stuck in queens and i aint tryin to escape
Yo i'm havin ???? i'm kickin raps and then seein
Lb for life kid my way of beein
Its time to set up shops while in this game and got props and fuck
We puffin lah wit windows up in drop tops
Nothin stops my crew from gettin it we learn from the past
Puffin on this ounce of weed i got this drink in my glass
Conversatin with my self what does my future hold
Niggaz is dyin will i make it there 30 years old
I cant run i guess i gotz to hold it down till i'm done
What the fuck the deal i'm thinkin i????????? the start from day one
Official queens nigga be a lost boy till my death
Untill i breathe my muthafuckin last breath
(chrous repeat 2X )
Hey yo from boyz to men
I'm strictly ?????no longer ?????
Lets keep it thorough i hold it down untill its on again
Untill we meet again yo i'm back up on the street again
????? i pulled out my nine i'm packin heat again
(A )
My mind is reachin twice that size than it only did last year?
Three times its likely to feel clear?
A plus i transform into a super emcee
With super vocals quicker than superman can find a phone booth
The whole truth nothin but the whole truth
I roast you thermonuclear vocals get hotter that shanobal
The double O where every soldiers divide nuclear explosions
Exposin radiation like a vulcan
I'm the only guy that knows why the golden eye was stolen by five
soviet spies
They told me to lie the dont want to hear the god spit
Chop my hands off at the armpits but i regenerate limbs
Like ???? comin at you with the hard shit
Swallow my beeper and page myself so I can communicate with a dolphin
Lyrical arson. rush the planet like a million martians committin arson
Walkin the pulpit in india with snake charmers that place all the
Yo A plus fuck the nonsense
I got the reinforcements
To crush any enemies offense with a hunderd thousand horses
And the hardest muthafucka on the market right here
I'll complete in a minute what would take you a light year
Extra-terrestrial biological energies with infinite energy battling
for world
Who wanna get touched
The CAN-I-BUS will crush you
With hard jigsaw puzzles and strong jaw muscles
Ambushin emcees jumpin out the trees like viatnemesse in fatigues
covered with
Interrogatin you wack emcees like MIB's with dark glasses
Askin you to tell me exactly where that alien craft landed
By flashing bright light in your eyes with those silver gamas
So when you revive you cant recall or understand it
Thats how the canibus keeps tabs on the planet
I use amnesia to neutralize public panic and take advantage of
oppurtinites to
do damage
I pierce your heart with evil thoughts.
The only thing faster then tha speed of light is the speed of dark
With the jaws of a great white shark I rip you apart
My state-of-the art lyricla lasers is razor sharp
Splatter the brain matter of my enemies with the same bullet
trajectory that
Murdered john kennedy in the back of his cranial cavity
which is actually what happens to any motherfucker for tryin to battle
(chorus 2X)
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